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American Made Dishwashers

American Made Dishwashers

If you're looking for dishwashers made in the USA, several reputable brands offer models that are manufactured domestically. Here are some notable options:

4 Bosch Dishwashers
American Made Dishwashers

  1. Whirlpool: Whirlpool Corporation, including its brands such as Maytag and KitchenAid, produces a variety of dishwashers in the USA. Whirlpool has factories in multiple states, including Ohio, Iowa, and Oklahoma, ensuring a range of models are available domestically​ 

  2. GE Appliances: GE Appliances, a Haier company, manufactures many of its dishwashers in the United States, particularly at their large facility in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as other plants in Georgia and Alabama​ ​​ (GE Appliances)​.

  3. Frigidaire: Owned by Electrolux, Frigidaire produces many of its dishwashers in Kinston, North Carolina. While some models are made in Mexico, it’s possible to find American-made options by checking the product details​

  4. Bosch: Although Bosch is primarily a German brand, it does manufacture some of its dishwasher models in the USA, particularly in its New Bern, North Carolina facility. These models are known for their advanced technology and quiet operation​

  5. Dacor: Known for high-end kitchen appliances, Dacor manufactures its products, including a line of dishwashers, in the USA. Dacor is noted for its exceptional quality and innovative designs​ 

By choosing these brands, you support American manufacturing and ensure you’re getting a quality product with reliable performance and innovative features.

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