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Refrigerator Appliance Finishes That Boost the Look of Your Kitchen

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

The newest trend in kitchen appliances are premium finishes, which can help boost the designer look of your kitchen décor. Here are four by GE to consider.

There's more fun and flexibility than ever in appliance finishes, thanks to a trend-worthy mix of shine and matte, bold neutrals, and new takes on basic black.

Black Stainless

Love the sleek look of stainless steel, but crave something a bit more unique? Black stainless is a good option. (This rich, warm finish is available on GE and GE Profile Series appliances.

Packs a Design Punch:

This finish combines glossy black with contemporary brushed metal. The result is definitely modern. Try incorporating it with dark, modern cabinetry. This finish can ease the transition from dark to light.

Bonus Points:

The reflective, high-gloss finish can brighten and visually expand a room, It's also fingerprint-resistant and wipes clean in seconds.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel retains its industrial-chic appeal (and it's available across all GE Appliance brands).

Packs a Design Punch:

Stainless steel seamlessly fits in nearly any style, from contemporary chic to rustic farmhouse. It's a versatile neutral that matches a wide range of color palettes. It looks especially appealing in a space that includes warm, organic elements such as hardwood floors or butcher-block countertops.

Bonus Points:

To keep its polished shine, clean stainless steel with CeramaBryte® appliance cleaner. Since stainless steel isn't always magnetic, it's a good match for those who prefer an uncluttered look.

This dark charcoal color brings a perfect mix of sophistication and durability to a kitchen. (It's available on select GE and GE Profile models. Choose a pop of color with contrasting handles or opt for sleek sophistication with color matching. You can customize your kitchen to make it your own

Packs a Design Punch:

Versatile and distinctive, black slate is particularly striking when used with dark-wood cabinets or as a contrast to bold accent colors. Use its bold color to provide a visual grounding point, or mix it with other contrasting metals, such as stainless countertops, for a sleek look.

Bonus Points: A unique matte finish makes black slate good for low-maintenance and high-traffic areas. It hides fingerprints and virtually eliminates smudges, keeping your appliances looking clean.

Warm and versatile, slate acts as a sophisticated neutral in the kitchen. Since 2012, this premium finish has been a popular choice for GE and GE Profile Series appliances.

Packs a Design Punch:

Slate harmonizes well with most materials—from sleek granite to natural wood—and is simple to coordinate with existing or new cabinets, floors, and hardware. The finish has rich, elegant undertones to help ground a room while giving it a high-end look.

Bonus Points:

The dark, matte finish naturally hides fingerprints, smudges, and dirt. Translation: Cleaning is a breeze. Slate also holds magnets, so you can display your grocery list or favorite photos.

Which GE Refrigerator Do You Like Best?

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